The Importance of Wearing an Athletic Cup

An athletic cup provides support for men participating in sports or strenuous activities. Some men choose not to wear one during strenuous physical activity because athletic cups can be uncomfortable at times and can pinch the organs they are intended to protect. Despite the intermittent discomfort, athletic cups are important pieces of protective gear, especially for growing children or teenagers. An injury to the groin area at this age in development can have long-lasting implications. Even adult men should wear athletic cups for protection against injury. Read more about the dangers of not wearing one below.

The Dangers of Not Wearing an Athletic Cup

Not wearing supportive gear brings serious health risks. According to American Family Physician, between two and five percent of all sports injuries occur in the groin area. These injuries are more prevalent in people who participate in sports such as ice hockey, fencing, handball, cross country skiing, hurdling, and high jumping. These injuries may also be the cause of as many as five to seven percent of all injuries in soccer players.

Not only are groin injuries painful, but also they can involve damage to internal structures, joints, and ligaments. Treatment is sometimes difficult in these instances, causing continued discomfort and secondary problems. One way to help avoid these complications is to wear protective gear such as an athletic cup.

How to Fit a Cup

Wearing a cup is much more comfortable when you take the time to choose the right one and wear it correctly. The best approach is to pull on close-fitting briefs, use a jock strap slung low on the hips, and select an athletic cup fitted to your body size and shape. This makes wearing the cup more comfortable and gives you the best chance of keeping it in place.

If you’re worried that you may have a groin injury, it’s important to make an appointment with a urologist. Dr. Scott D. Miller is qualified to assess these kinds of injuries and is ready to help.