Here to Serve

I recently went to a social event and sat next to an incredibly nice and interesting person. We soon discovered that we both had a genuine interest in each other’s professions, partly because of our children’s career aspirations. In fact, as it turns out, his 17-year-old son plans to pursue a career in medicine. My college-aged daughter is exploring the possibility of public relations. We both hope to meet each other’s children to offer some guidance.

Our conversation went far beyond this impromptu student exchange idea. I could not resist sapping every bit of business knowledge from my new friend. He said he did the same, but I think I came out ahead. The best part of the conversation revolved around his interviewing techniques for new hires. For example, when a candidate is trying to show their best side over dinner, he focuses on how the candidate treats the server. In fact, his number one criterion for hiring someone is the manner with which they treat the people who serve him. That, he says, is the key to a great team builder.

My dad often reminded me that we are judged by how we treat others, even when no one is looking. Of course, we never know when someone is looking. My daughter has this trait. Perhaps my new friend will hire her someday.