Dr. Miller Featured in Best Self Magazine September Issue Prostate Cancer Story

Dr. Scott Miller, a board-certified urologist and prostate cancer specialist, was featured in an article on prostate cancer in the September issue of Best Self magazine. In fact, a large photo of Dr. Miller greets readers when flipping to page 29.

Read the story here.

September is National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, and Dr. Miller continued to relay his message of the importance of PSA (prostate specific antigen) testing for men over 40 and education about the disease.

“The argument is that of all the people who have an annual PSA, a percentage may not have prostate cancer, and they still go through the cost of the testing and a biopsy if PSA levels are high,” says Dr. Miller. “The second argument is if someone is diagnosed, a lot of prostate cancer doesn’t need to be treated immediately, but can be monitored. You don’t want to over treat.” Dr. Miller says, “However, the death rate is down 40 percent or greater since the introduction of PSA testing. The other side of the argument is that prostate cancer does not really cause symptoms while it is still curable. A PSA test is the only thing we have to detect at a time when [prostate cancer] is still curable. If we eliminate PSA, we don’t know what the number of deaths would be.”

Dr. Miller also recently completed a new video about the work he does with prostate cancer, including laparoscopic surgery, robotic surgery, his non-profit, ProstAware, and more.