The Most Important Card In My Wallet

Most people are familiar with the American Express Card slogan, “Don’t leave home without it.” But that card is not the most important card in my wallet. Is it another credit card? My driver’s license? My library card? Far from it.

The most important card in my wallet is my health club membership card. But you predicted that answer. I am not telling you to join a club. This card gives me so more than access to exercise equipment. It gives me convenience. As a result, I have one less excuse. I often have weeks when I only make it to the gym two or three times. But because it is located near my office, those are times when I would otherwise not exercise at all. Missed days can easily turn into missed weeks.

Here are some tips for maintaining the exercise habit:

  • Exercise in multiple locations (gym, home, outside). This approach keeps the routine interesting and convenient.
  • Be satisfied with a short workout. Ten minutes of exercise can be very productive and will help maintain the “habit.”
  • Keep workout clothes in your car.
  • For morning sessions, prepare your workout clothes, water bottle, and equipment the night before.

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