Just like in the world of team sports, it takes a smart, dedicated team of professionals working together to give Dr. Miller’s patients the successful outcomes they seek.

In the office…

Sonya Beredimas – Laparoscopic and Robotics Service Coordinator
Melanie Edmondson – Administrative Assistant
Valerie Harris, RN

Together they strive to meet the medical, emotional, and administrative needs of our patients.  From helping with travel accommodations to guiding our patients through their recovery, we make every effort to ease the stress often associated with medical issues.

In the operating room…

A highly-trained team of Certified Surgical Assistants
Susie Kittle, RN, BSN, CNOR – Northside Hospital Laparoscopic and
Robotics Clinical Coordinator

These outstanding professionals train, manage and provide hands-on assistance and coordination for the 12-member world-class surgical team that has been assembled over the last 15 years. This hand-picked group of talented individuals comprises surgical assistants, surgical technologists, and operating room nurses, all of whom possess the highest level of laparoscopic and robotic expertise.  For the ultimate in quality control and consistent patient care, the four team members necessary for each procedure are drawn from this gifted dozen.

In the hospital …

Northside Hospital provides an environment conducive to success, including the latest in laparoscopic, robotic, and other surgical equipment. Most of the surgical team members are employed by the hospital.  Highly-trained anesthesiologists cater to the specific needs of our laparoscopic patients, while pathologists provide accurate, detailed, and timely assessments that are communicated directly to Dr. Miller.  To further develop surgical performance, the pathologist regularly reviews tissue samples with Dr. Miller to help him evaluate clinical outcomes and surgical technique.  Each year, one of the hospital’s most experienced nursing care units guides more than 250 of our patients through their short hospital stay.