Q: How experienced is Dr. Miller in performing laparoscopic and robotic procedures?
A: Surgical experience can be measured in three ways – time, total number of procedures, and current number of procedures performed each month.  Since Dr. Miller started performing advanced laparoscopy in 1995 and robotic surgery in 2003 he can assess the outcomes of thousands of patients to further refine his techniques.  He currently performs approximately 25 laparoscopic or robotic procedures per month.  Time and time again, experience – as measured in these three ways – has been shown to give the best possible outcome.

Q: Can my patients get other types of urology care from Dr. Miller outside of surgery?
A: Dr. Miller is focused solely on the practice of laparoscopy and robotic surgery (click here for “Our Philosophy”). This has allowed him the time and attention to keep his skills sharp and to develop new techniques that improve patient care. He is, however, a member of an outstanding urology medical practice – Georgia Urology  – staffed by excellent partners who excel in all aspects of urological care. Dr. Miller and his staff can make a referral to his colleagues whenever necessary.

Q: What type of follow-up care will Dr. Miller provide after the procedure?
A: Although your patient will make the ultimate decision, Dr. Miller will do everything he can to accommodate your preferences.  Every patient and their family will be fully informed about the best management of their condition throughout the pre-operative and post-operative periods. Many patients prefer to see Dr. Miller during the entire recovery period.  Over time, your patients may want to transition back to you and their primary care physician for ongoing care. Of course, Dr. Miller will provide all necessary information and consultation to all other healthcare providers to ensure a smooth transition.

Q: Does Dr. Miller accept insurance as payment for my patients’ surgery?
A: Insurance coverage varies by company and individual coverage plan.  The insurance company will often pay a portion of the fees and your patient will be responsible for the balance.   When your patient provides us with their insurance information, our staff will explain what portion of the charges will be covered by insurance and what portion will be paid by your patient. For more details about insurance in Dr. Miller’s practice, click here.

Q: How do I refer a patient to Dr. Miller?
A:  Feel free to call or office directly at (404) 705-5201 or use our online contact form ?

Q: Does Dr. Miller accept referrals from other urologists?
A: Dr. Miller is honored to receive referrals from his urologic colleagues.  Some urologists do not perform laparoscopic or robotic procedures, yet feel their patients would be best served with these techniques.  Also, Dr. Miller will accept patients with complex anatomy and pathology.

Q: Will Dr. Miller accept patients with complex anatomy?
A:  Yes, Dr. Miller has extensive experience using LapaRobotic™ techniques in the face of complex anatomy such as obesity and prior surgical procedures.

Q: Can Dr. Miller use LapaRobotic™ techniques to correct a complication from a prior surgical procedure?
A:  In the best of hands, unexpected outcomes can occur.  Even urologic complications following a standard open-incision surgery can often be corrected using LapaRobotic™ techniques.  Dr. Miller prides himself in his “hand-holding” approach to handle the sensitive issues surrounding an unexpected event – whether it be emotional, logistical, or financial.

Q: Will Dr. Miller manage the post-operative care of patients who had their procedures performed by another urologist?
A:  In general, a patient is best treated by their original surgeon.  However, Dr. Miller is happy to see patients for a second opinion in order to guide them through any unforeseen post-operative problems that they may experience.