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Referral Process

Dr. Scott Miller has dedicated his career to quality patient care. He believes that education is the cornerstone of patient empowerment; understanding one’s condition and asking the right questions about treatment options are vital.

If you are a referring physician, feel free to call our office at (404) 705-5201 or send a referral by fax to (404) 252-5640.  You can also use our online contact form.  We welcome complex cases.  If a patient’s condition cannot be managed laparoscopically or robotically, Dr. Miller will communicate that directly to you and assist in finding the appropriate clinician to manage your patient’s care.

Dr. Miller also prides himself in the laparoscopic management of surgical complications, whether the result of a laparoscopic or open surgical procedure.  He is sensitive to the delicate nature of such situations.  He always navigates the emotional, legal, and financial concerns with extreme care.

If you are looking for up-to-date, quality educational material to provide your patient, we encourage you to download our information form or share content from other pages on our site.


Educational Opportunities

We encourage physicians and other healthcare professionals to call our office at (404) 705-5201 or use our online contact form in order to take advantage the various educational activities that Dr. Miller provides.  Currently he his offering the following: