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The Best Dietary Supplement

Americans spend billions of dollars on dietary supplements each year. But the truth of the matter is that very little scientific evidence exists to support the use of these supplements. Nevertheless, we search for that life-extending, anti-aging, cancer-defying, performance-enhancing, magic pill. Although some dietary supplements have proven value, more often they are consumed with misdirected […]

A Standout Thank You

During a recent consultation, a patient thanked me for accepting him as a patient.  I was really taken aback.  I had really not yet provided any treatment or significant service.  Without thinking, my natural response was to thank him for entrusting me with his future health.  His heartfelt appreciation struck me as a “standout thank […]

Keeping Your Kidneys Healthy

My patients often ask me how they can keep their kidneys healthy. Keeping your kidneys healthy simply requires the same sensible approaches that keep the entire body healthy.  The kidney is essentially a collection of specialized blood vessels.  Therefore, it makes sense that “heart-healthy” is also “kidney-healthy.”  The following recommendations for overall health also apply […]

Just One Ball

I love my job, but there is nothing fun about giving a patient bad news. I recently walked into the hospital room of a 23-year-old male college student. We spent the first ten minutes or so learning a little bit about each other, circumventing any medical conversation. He had been admitted for severe abdominal pain, […]

The Importance of Sleep

My patients often ask for advice on exercise, diet, and supplements. I always start with the basics. For instance, the most elaborate dietary supplement cannot replace a simple, balanced diet. Along those same lines, most people ignore the importance of sleep.For instance, we know that our well-being is dependent on a healthy immune system – […]

It’s OK To Be Lazy

One of my patients – who happens to be a brilliant businessman – gave me an interesting perspective when it comes to hiring a good employee. He told me that the ideal candidate is not only qualified and hard working, but also a little lazy. I was a bit puzzled. He proceeded to explain that […]

I Fell Off the Wagon

Holiday time is an easy time to fall off the exercise and diet wagon. The New Year is also a time for resolutions filled with new exercise and diet programs. However, the best remedy for falling off the wagon is moderation – no matter what time of year. Rather than severely restricting caloric intake, return […]

A Resolution That I Can Keep

The New Year is always a great time for making a resolution, but seldom do we keep these resolutions. Lose weight. Spend less. Start exercising. Quit smoking. Learn a new language. Often, we are so focused on the goal that we lose site of the process. This year, I say the heck with resolutions. Instead, […]

The Best Time To Exercise

Patients are often asking me what is the best time-of-day to exercise. Timing can affect flexibility, energy level, and efficiency. Here is a list of my suggestions: A convenient time to increase the likelihood of showing up. Whenever you are feeling energetic Early in the day to minimize missed work-outs One to two hours following […]

How Do You Measure Experience?

Medical providers – whether hospitals or physicians – constantly publicize numbers. Numbers, by their mere existence, tend to legitimize services. But what do these numbers mean? When someone claims to have 10 years of experience, does that mean 10 years of progressive improvement of skill and knowledge, or does it mean one year of experience […]

It’s Not Too Late to Join the Moustache Dash!

The Moustache Dash (1 mile and 5K) is in Brookhaven, and it’s not too late to join in on the fun! November is Men’s Health Awareness month, otherwise known as “Movember.” It is a worldwide movement that started in Australia to bring men’s health issues to the forefront. Men across the globe begin growing moustaches on November […]

Myths About the Fat Zone

We all want to be healthy. But let’s admit it – losing fat can be the major motivation behind our dietary and exercise habits. This month we’ll discuss the science behind exercising in the “fat zone”. Have you ever noticed on the aerobic machines at the gym the bar graphs that depict different heart rate […]

Disconnect to Connect

On occasion, I’ve had times when my family and I were all using a smartphone in the same room. Being the joking husband and dad that I am, I would annoy them by initiating a conversation with a group text message. I know that you’re thinking this is a plea to take a vacation from your devices. Well, […]

Run to the Finish Line with Dr. Scott Miller

I am proud to sponsor two upcoming Atlanta races that help raise awareness for prostate cancer — the 5th Annual F.A.S.T. Pace Race (5K and 10K) Cumming and the Moustache Dash (1 mile and 5K) in Brookhaven. F.A.S.T Pace Race Saturday, October 19 Cumming Fairgrounds (235 Castleberry Road, Cumming, GA 30040) 8:00 a.m. 10K Start […]

Diet and Exercise for Life – Part 6

We now round out our “Diet and Exercise for Life” series with stretching methods. Last month we discussed how– contrary to popular belief – traditional stretching (static stretching) is best performed after exercising. Now we’ll discuss the different components of stretching: Warm up Dynamic stretching Foam rolling Static stretching Warming up has multiple benefits, including […]

Serenity Before Severity

I have always believed that good comes out of everything – even from difficult life events. When trying to guide my patients and their loved ones through challenging diagnoses, I am often reminded of the serenity prayer. We all want the power to change the things we can and to accept the things we cannot […]

Diet and Exercise for Life – Part 5

As we near the end of our series on diet and exercise, let us take a look at an often overlooked and misunderstood component of exercise – flexibility. We’ve talked about aerobic exercise and resistance training, but flexibility is the all-important third leg of the stool. A lot of recent controversy surrounds how and when […]

Blue Ties Prostate Cancer Awareness Luncheon

Join us for the Fifth Annual Blue Ties Event which benefits ProstAware, a Georgia 501(c)3 organization solely dedicated to educating men at risk for prostate cancer. Most men who haven’t had prostate cancer may not understand just how much they are at risk. By tapping into the fun and wonder of music and new technology, […]

Leading By Example

Having been a parent for 18 years, I have given my children a lot of advice. Yet nothing has had as much of an impact as the examples I have set in the way I lead my life. Remarkably, this same approach can work wonders for the care of my patients. First and foremost, I […]

Diet and Exercise for Life – Part 4

Exercising your heart but not your musculoskeletal system is like changing the oil in your car without putting air in the tires. Last month we talked about the importance of diversity and started with aerobic exercise. Here are the often-overlooked benefits to resistance training: Essential to increasing lean-to-fat body mass ratio Essential for maintenance of […]

Giving Can Be Selfish

Recently, I read an article criticizing a potato chip company for putting a breast cancer pink ribbon on their bags. They were accused of using the ribbon for furthering their own brand rather than for the cause itself. All I could think to myself was “so what”.  If a donor receives monetary gain while supporting […]

Oops, I Wish I Hadn’t Done That – Part 1

We all wish we could press the “redo” button from time to time in our lives. Avoiding and managing complications in the world of minimally invasive surgery is not quite as simple. Factors affecting the likelihood and impact of complications include the following: Preparation Surgical technique Continual risk assessment Follow-up care Early recognition Patient care […]

Diet and Exercise for Life – Part 3

When it comes to exercise, diversity is the key. As such, a personalized exercise plan includes aerobic exercise, resistance training, flexibility, and recovery. Even more, each one of these exercise categories should contain as much variety as possible. This month we’ll discuss aerobic exercise. Why is variety important? Here are the scientifically proven answers: The […]

Patients Can be the Best Teachers

In medical school, I was often faced with complex patients and difficult diagnoses. One of my favorite mentors passed along a great piece of advice to get me through some of these challenges. He said, “If you ever have a problem figuring out what is wrong with a patient, just ask them.” As the years […]

Practice for the Practice of Medicine

Computer simulation has countless applications. Examples include aviation, engineering, and weather prediction. However, the field of medicine is far behind these other professions when it comes to simulation. A pilot not only learns how to fly on a simulator, but he also maintains his proficiency with regular visits to the simulated cockpit. On the contrary, […]

Diet and Exercise for Life – Part 2

Last month, we covered some general guidelines for diet and exercise.  Let’s discuss how to develop a personalized exercise plan.  Here are the building blocks that should apply to most people: Aerobic exercise Resistance training Flexibility Recovery Whether a novice or a seasoned fitness guru, the following principles apply to all: Safety first – Make […]

Gambling Is Human Nature

When my children were young, I did my best to hold firm when they repeatedly asked for that sweet treat right before dinner. I quickly learned that my first answer should always be my last answer. Why? Very simply, if my children sense the slightest chance that I would change my mind, they would whine […]

Diet and Exercise for Life – Part 1

Last month, we listed the items that should be on everybody’s health maintenance checklist. At the top of the list were diet and exercise. Although individual needs and abilities vary, these guidelines are universal: The most successful diet involves accountability – track what you eat. Focus your diet and exercise on health rather than weight-loss. […]

The Problem with Protocols

Back when I was in medical school, the university hospital developed a systematic protocol for treating a patient experiencing a heart attack.  Now, over 20 years later, such protocols are standard for the diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of medical conditions. Unfortunately, we can lose sight of the individual amidst these regimented rules […]

Everything I Know I Learned on TV

No, I am not trying to give parenting advice.  But as a laparoscopic surgeon, I am constantly immersed in the “television experience”.  “Experience” can be defined in several ways – number of procedures, experience over time, or how a surgeon applies past experience to future success.  Here are five tips on how to become a […]

Your Health Maintenance Checklist

Like any machine, the human body requires regular maintenance for optimal performance and longevity. Over the ensuing months, we will provide down-and-dirty health tips to keep your engine running smoothly for years to come. For the first installment of your body’s owner’s manual, here is your health-maintenance checklist: Balanced diet and the use of supplements […]

Avoiding Healthcare Landmines

Whether or not you like surprises, one thing is certain – nobody likes a surprise when it comes to their own healthcare. The good news is that you can do a lot to navigate around these “landmines”. Here are my top five tips to take control of your own care: Make lists. All too often, […]